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Amaralieze is one of the eight largest islands of Nihilo. Located in the south of the archipelago, the equator runs through the north end of the island making for extremely hot climate. The major cities lie along the coast, allowing for easier access to fishing; however, hardy, sometimes called foolish, peoples attempt to settle near the center of the island.

Many hardy peoples call Amaralieze home, such as the Half-Orc and Ganxi clans that dominate Jarull, Ramadi, and Erdil. It was said that on his campaign to unify Nihilo, Overlord Taizong sought to quell the warrior clans of Amarlieze to show his strength; however, he was met with a force that was nearly unbreakable and forced back to Ambrolia several times before making any progress.

The center of Amaralieze contains a vast desert that few have ever returned from. There is myth of a human society that travels within the sands, but few believe humans could survive such a harsh environment. The preferred method of travel is along the coastal regions as most expeditions across the barren expanse fail. Thus the myth remains to this day.

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