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The largest of the islands as well as the center of the archipelago, Ambrolia is home to the most diverse population of Nihilo. Ambrolia is so large, its mountains and rivers divide the island into six smaller regions. The general climate is the most temperate with only light mists and seasonal rains allowing for several large cities to dot the landscape.

Each region is known particularly for a geographical feature, while others for settlements of powerful clans and families. Cadenza is known for its sweeping moors. Magnolia is well known for its dense forest, while Kamelia is famed for its metal ores.
Bergamonde is home to some of the most fertile lands in Ambrolia and certainly Nihilo as well as home to the powerful Tang family. Lavendier also has quite fertile land and houses the rich merchant Sulei clan. Rozenqueen is famed for being Overlord Taizong’s birthplace and home for his Celestial Court

The capital of Calyx in Rozenqueen is protected geographically on all sides, by a lake to the south and a mountain range to the north and is the central hub for the Celestial Court. Despite being so remote, many travel to the city, making it the most cosmopolitan city of Nihilo.

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