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In Nihilo, time is based on the 12 Zodiac Souls.

There are:
24 Hours in a Day
6 Days in a Week
5 Weeks in a Month
12 Months in a Year

Hours of the Day
The 24 hour day is split into the morning and evening and further paying homage to the Zodiac souls. Just after the middle of the night is the Morning Hour of the Rat, while just after the sun has reached the middle of the day is the Evening Rat’s Hour. This continues down the line of the Zodiac Souls.

Days of the Week
Aslanday – Efreetday – Sylphday – Undineday – Emaday – Bastday

Months of the Year
Rat’s Moon – Ox’s Moon – Tiger’s Moon – Rabbit’s Moon – Dragon’s Moon – Snake’s Moon – Horse’s Moon – Ram’s Moon – Monkey’s Moon – Rooster’s Moon – Dog’s Moon – Pig’s Moon

Notation of the Date
First Aslanday of the Rat’s Moon, 2nd Efreetday of the Rabbit’s Moon, Last Bastday of the Dog’s Moon.


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