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The north most island of the Nihilo archipelago, Chloranthia is covered in snow throughout most of the year. The Astrobi Strait protects it from much stormy weather, allowing it to be fairly populated despite being nearly frozen over.

It is not an island for the faint of heart, making it the perfect home for the steadfast Lynx and the resourceful Water Genasi. Despite the wintery chill in even the summer months, Lynx clans are at home in Jinyu and Andon. Water Genasi have a large temple at Ulsan.

Daecheon, far less dominated by the Lynx and Water Genasi, serves as a port to the rest of northern islands. It was home to two powerful Kitsune clans that vied for power in the city, but they’ve all but dispersed from the region after Overlord Taizong had gained control of the island many years ago.

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