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The watery world of Nihilo is a collection of disjointed island nations with varying cultures and regional values. There are eight major islands that constitute the majority of the land mass. Along with the major islands, there are several smaller island chains, two of which are collectively known as the Astrobi Strait and the Nymphae Isles.

The islands share some common beliefs: that the Soulweave contains the souls of the departed and those yet to come, that the Divine emperor created the world and filled it with life through the help of Nami and Nagi, and that Aramis, the Fallen Son, is to be feared. Nevertheless, geography, climate, and resources separate and make each island nation and its peoples unique.

Peoples of each nation would war with one another in hopes of obtaining valuable land and resoures of wood, grain, ore, and other goods. Powerful clans, mighty leaders, cities with battle hardened castles, rose and fell over the course of generations. Amidst the bloodshed and ruin, a dream of peace and unity was born.

The Overlord Taizong of Rozenqueen had nearly succeeded obtaining that dream, bringing almost all of the major islands under his stringent rule Only the islands of Rhodo, Dendron, and Veridia remained out of the realm of his Celestial Court. Nearing what many thought to be the end of his campaign of unification, the Overlord disappeared.

His regent, Lunos, was appointed Viceroy and ruled in his stead; however, dissent and seperation began happening nearly as soon as word that Overlord Taizong was gone. Though some cling dearly to the peace and unity brought by Taizong, for others the memory of bloodshed runs deep in their veins.

Vengeance against the Celestial Court is common, as is the rise of other would be overlords attempting to reclaim their land, or strike out and unify the land as Taizong had attempted.

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